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In her designs, Lianne aspires to natural simplicity. She wants to accomplish the conscious enjoyment of products by the people . As a designer she is philosophical, investigative  and intuitive. Lianne uses her antenna's to learn about the beautiful, small things in life, and she likes to share these with others.

In the Alessi factory she was fascinated by a small, old stee-wire bending-machine. Surrounded by all the other enormous machines, it was still there after decades doing it's job. In an instinctive process, playing with wire shapes she arrived at this shape, and created a three-dimensional coat hanger, which also can be used as a coat and hat rack. She sees this object in a wonderland where nature and technology go hand-in-hand and seamlessly flow together. An abstract nature, where people enjoy their activities, and everything is lucid, straightforward and simple.


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