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Wonderland is a broad concept. Everybody has their own ideas and images of what Wonderland is and what it looks like. This aspect, and a shared attraction to exceptional and surprising objects has led six designers to choose this as a underlying theme for their quest at Alessi.

It all started when Alberto Alessi visited the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven in 2008. He was a special guest at 'Grid', an event organized and designed by six young designers from Eindhoven; a collaboration between designers Lianne van Genugten, Joris Visser and design-collective 'Le Lab'. Alberto was able to experience how they created surprising new objects out of existing products and furniture, and invited the designers to come to the Alessi factory in Crusinallo to see if they could employ a similar approach to the existing moulds, products and production techniques of Alessi.

Each in their own way, the designers examined the objects and the production processes in the factory and came up with numerous ideas, concepts and designs. A selection of these designs can be seen in the ‘Alessi in Wonderland’-installation.
Through keyholes and gaps in the walls, people are able to take a peek at the objects. Set in a mysterious wonderland, they vividly reflect the dreams and fantasies about mirroring stainless steel.

Alessi in Wonderland is part of the Alessi-exhibition 'Oggetti e Progetti' in National Design Museum ' Die Neue Sammlung' in Munich.
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